Do LED Strip Lights Attract Bugs: All You Need to Know

Bugs flying around LED lights

Do LED strip lights attract bugs? You have to contend with bugs whenever you turn on your lights. But nobody wants bugs flying around, not to mention the bug-feeding creatures they can attract. Also, while most bugs may be harmless, some are pretty dangerous. This article explains why bugs get attracted by LED strip lights, …

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Understanding Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Growing plants using spectrum LED grow lights

Understanding spectrum LED grows lights is important if you plant your crops indoors or in a greenhouse.  Generally, outdoor plants grow with the help of sunlight by picking the wavelengths that promote their growth at that given stage.  Now, for indoor plants, the fact that they can’t access sunlight means that you have to provide …

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Solar LED Lights Components: The Ultimate Guide

Installing solar panel assembly for powering LED lights

Solar LED lights components are readily available and straightforward to install.  Moreover, adopting solar energy is a way of promoting the use of clean and renewable energy.  If you plan to install LED lights on solar energy, you must know the accompanying components.  Additionally, there are a lot of variations on how to configure your …

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All You Need To Know About The Types of LED Grow Lights

Plants growing under grow lights

Every serious indoor gardener should know the different types of LED grow lights.  Such knowledge will help them choose the best LED grow lights to guarantee optimum plant growth.  Unknown to many, grow lights provide the relevant light spectrum required for photosynthesis.  One common grow light type is the full-spectrum LED light which produces a …

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The Ultimate Guide To The Different Types of LED Strip Lights

A roll of LED strip light

So what are the different types of LED strip lights you can buy to meet your lighting needs? We can confidently say that the market is full of high-quality LED strip lights with features you’ll never find in incandescent lights. Generally, LED lights improve every aspect of traditional lights, including their efficiency and versatility.  And …

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A Transformer for LED Strip Lights: An Ideal Guide

An LED voltage converter housing a transformer

You may be wondering what the need for a transformer for LED strip lights is. Shouldn’t we directly connect the LEDs to a power source and illuminate our homes? Well, LED transformers are crucial components of AC electrical systems, without which the result is a failure.  Moreover, you need to know the specific transformer that …

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24 Volt LED Strip Lights

A kitchen with 24 volt strip lights

There are many reasons why you should settle for 24-volt LED strip lights. For some, it may be due to its high power efficiency, easy installation, and better lighting. For others, it may be because they have 24-volt batteries or the assumption that they are better than 12V LED strip lights. Here, we’ll look at …

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12 Volt LED Strip Lights for Outdoor Use: The Ultimate Guide

LED strip lights lighting up a pool

There are many applications for 12-volt LED strip lights for outdoor use. You might install them as security lights, decorations, or lighting a pathway. Either way, LED strip lights must have some properties to suit them for outdoor use.  Here, we’ll be looking at their qualities, the benefits you stand to gain by installing outdoor …

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