Understanding 8 Ft LED Strip Lights

Manufacturers are now developing an Understanding 8 ft LED strip lights to offer energy-efficient and versatile lighting solutions. 

These lights are 96 inches long enough to cover a large area while offering bright illumination. 

Like all other LED strip lights, the 8 ft options are also highly durable, lasting over 50,000 hours. 

And while expensive initially, you will find these lights cost-effective in the long term, especially due to their low replacements and limited energy consumption. 

But you might wonder, what are the different 8-foot LED strip lights, and where can you use them? Keep reading to get answers. 

What Are 8-Foot LED Strip Lights?

These are 96-inch or 8-foot LED strip lights with flexible materials and light-emitting diodes embedded in them. Therefore, these lights are long enough to cover a large area. 

8-foot LED strip lights use high-energy efficient diodes that produce bright and uniform illumination. These lights are useful in industrial and commercial settings, especially retail stores, factories, and warehouses. 

Moreover, the lights have high flexibility, enabling versatile installation even on irregular surfaces. Furthermore, they have a long lifespan that translates into reduced replacements and long-term costs. 

Overall, 8-foot LED strip lights have grown into a popular option that is slowly facing out traditional options like incandescent and fluorescent lights. 

Where Can You Use  8 Ft LED Strip Lights

Interior living room with LED strip lights

(Interior living room with LED strip lights)

8 ft LED strip lights, which measure 96 inches, are highly popular nowadays, and you can employ them in the following use cases. 

  • First, you can comfortably install these lights in most commercial spaces like supermarkets and restaurants. 
  • Secondly, the light’s long length guarantees full coverage in industrial facilities and warehouses. 
  • Thirdly, many use them in workshops and garages to offer enough brightness for woodworking and automotive repairs. 
  • Many residential homes use these lights to light up basement areas, living rooms, or hallways. 
  • Moreover, you can find these lights in schools, especially classrooms and libraries or healthcare facilities, to light examination rooms and other areas. 
  • Lastly, these lights look good in any outdoor space, especially architectural and landscape lighting.

Types of 8-Foot LED Strip Lights

Rainbow-colored strip lights

(Rainbow-colored strip lights)

We have several 8-foot LED strip lights designed to serve specific purposes, as we’ll highlight below. 

Single Color Strip Lights

As the name suggests, these lights produce only one color (Blue, green, or red). Therefore, you can use these lights for general-purpose lighting in commercial and residential applications. 


RGB represents red, green, and blue colors and involves mixing the different colors to create various light colors. Therefore, these lights have control features to help you customize and select your desired lighting effect or colors. 

CCT Adjustable Lights

Cold white LED strip light on reel

(Cold white LED strip light on the reel)

The Correlated Color Temperature LED lights are a special type of 8-foot LED strip lights that allow you to adjust different color temperatures. This means you can easily switch between cool white, neutral white, and warm white. Surprisingly, you will transform the ambiance and mood of your space by changing the color temperature. 

High CRI LED Lights

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) represents how accurately an LED strip light reproduces light colors relative to white light. Generally, high CRI LED lights should have a CRI of at least 90. Therefore, you can employ these lights where high accuracy is critical, especially in retail and photography studios. 

Waterproof Lights

These are simply 8-foot LED strip lights designed with materials that can withstand water or high moisture exposure. Funny enough, you can install these LED strip lights in places like swimming pools and bathrooms. 

Dimmable Lights

Manufacturers are now designing LED lights that can regulate the brightness level. As a result, it becomes easy to set your desired lighting experience and save on energy consumption. 

Smart LED Light

With these 8-foot LED strip lights, you can easily control different light settings thanks to available features like Bluetooth connectivity and in-built WiFi.

Some common settings you can access include integration with the smart home systems, changing color, and scheduling. And all these are possible through voice commands or smartphones. 

Benefits of 8-Foot LED Strip Lights

(LED strip on a surface before connection)

Below are reasons why 8-foot LED strip lights are slowly replacing fluorescent or incandescent lights. 

Energy Efficiency

If there is one sure thing about 8 ft LED strip lights, it is their energy efficiency, which surpass that of conventional options. 

These lights consume less energy but emit more light than incandescent or fluorescent lights. 

Moreover, the high energy efficiency means minimal environmental pollution and less energy gets wasted as heat. 

Extended Lifespan

Another important feature of 8-foot LED strip lights is their increased durability thanks to the high-quality materials employed in development.

 Surprisingly, these lights boast over 50,000 hours of operation without major repairs or replacements. 

Therefore, 8-foot LED strip running costs less than conventional options. 

Uniform/Bright Lighting

Manufacturers design 8-foot LED lights with high precision to offer uniform and accurate illuminations. 

Therefore, these lights won’t present flickering and dark spots, thus offering a pleasant lighting experience and enhanced visibility.

Easy Installation

Generally, 8-foot LED lights are highly flexible and can bend/fold to fit even on irregular surfaces.

 Moreover, they have designated cut points you can cut or extend to fit your desired length.

 Furthermore, the lights come with adhesive backing to help you mount them on any surface without struggle. 


Most modern 8 foot LED strip lights are customizable and allow you to change different lighting aspect to fit your expectation.

 Some things you can change include the color temperature, light color, and brightness. 

Instant Lighting

When you switch on incandescent or fluorescent light, they don’t light up immediately but experiences some delay (warm-up time). 

However, this is not the case with 8 ft LED lights, as they light up instantly upon switching them on. 

Consequently, you can use them in situations like security lights where instant light is required. 


Are 8-ft LED strip lights energy efficient?

Yes! All LED lights, including 8-ft LED strip lights, are energy efficient and consume less energy while producing more light than conventional options.

 Moreover, these lights emit less heat and have a low effect on the environment. 

Therefore, expect to pay less energy cost while using 8-ft LED strip lights than with fluorescent or incandescent lights.  

What is the durability of 8-ft LED strip lights? 

We know all LED lights including 8-foot LED strip lights, for their high durability thanks to the high-quality materials used in the design. 

Such materials are resistant to harsh environmental conditions like rainfall and shock. Therefore, expect them to last for a minimum of 50,000 hours without major damages. 

Final Remarks

We know LED lights, including 8-ft LED strip lights, for their high energy efficiency and versatility, making them preferable over conventional options. 

Moreover, these lights provide uniform/bright illumination and have a high lifespan that extends above 50,000 hours. 

Furthermore, you’ll find these lights easy to install and can easily customize these lights to meet your desired experience. 

And if you are looking for an instant lighting option, especially for security lighting, consider 8-ft LED strip lights.