Are LED Strip Lights Safe?

An LED grow light

We know you’re here because you’re wondering, are LED strip lights safe? First, it’s important to state that LED lights are available in different brightness and colors and are generally easy to install. And what’s surprising is that LED strip lights are safer than all the other light sources, especially when installing them safely.  More …

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5000k vs. 6000k LED Lights: All You Need To Know

An LED light bulb

The comparison of 5000k vs. 6000k LED lights will always arise whenever you’re looking for a reliable light source. Unknown to many is that the LED color temperature is everything regarding the feel and look of your space. For example, the 5000k light is warm and yellowish and comes in handy for creating a relaxing …

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4000k vs 5000k LED Lights: All You Need To Know

A round white LED lamp

Many comparisons relate to LED light, but the 4000k vs. 5000k LED lights have gotten our attention today. We understand that most potential customers and readers are eager to learn which is better. However, we are here to confirm that each option is perfect in its application environment.  For instance, the 5000k LED light has …

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