The Best LED Strip Lights for Boats

Boat owners always ask what the best LED strip lights for boats are in today’s market.

And, at times, the ever-evolving technology makes it hard to develop appropriate answers.

That’s not always the case, as we have all you need in today’s article. 

Here, we are looking at the best waterproof strip lights for boats, how to pick them, and their benefits.

Let’s get going.

Top 5 LED Strip Lights for Boats

LED strip light before installation

(LED strip light before installation)

There are many waterproof LED strip lights, but only a few work well in boats.

In this section, we are looking at the best of the best. 

100ft Waterproof LED Light Strips

Waterproof LED lights outshine the competition as they are 100 feet long.

Such a length is sufficient to illuminate the most crucial areas of your boat, improving the mood. 

Moreover, they have an IP65 waterproof rating that makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

However, since they lack an IP68 rating, they may not be the best option for underwater lighting. 

LED Boat Strip Lights

The LED Boat Strip Lights are your best option for colorful underwater lighting, as they have an IP68 rating.

Moreover, the 10-meter-long strip has a high-density (HD) composition of lights with 60 LEDs per meter.

As such, it’s bright, and the light evenly distributes along the whole stretch of the strip.  

Upgraded LED Strip Lights

The Upgraded LED Strip Lights work well with a 12V 60W power supply that you can link to provide 5A of current for use.

They are great LEDs for boat use as they have a long life span, are durable, and come in lengths of 10 meters per strip.

On the downside, the LED strip doesn’t stick to porous surfaces on boats. 

SUPERNIGHT 16.4FT Green LED Rope Lighting Strip 

The strip light comes with self-adhesive tape making it easy to install.

Moreover, it has 600 light-emitting diodes ensuring you have bright light with little dark spots.

Another advantage is that they are durable, with a lifespan of 50,000 plus hours in indoor and outdoor environments. 

Lighting LED Strip Lights

The LED strips are 32.8 feet light sources with excellent lighting while consuming little power.

Moreover, they last over 65,000 hours under reasonable care and maintenance.

Also, I like that the lights are warm-bright and suitable for indoor boat use.

On the downside, they are only suitable for indoor use. 

How To Choose LED Strip Lights for Boats

A purple LED strip light around a boat

(A purple LED strip light around a boat)

Your choice of LED strip lights depends on whether you want to use them for onboard lighting or underwater.

If it’s for onboard, like the deck, it’s advisable to go with an LED strip with various colors. 

However, if it’s for underwater lighting, it’s crucial to establish that it shall come in contact with water and debris.

That will be the case; hence you must consider using an IP68-rated waterproof LED strip. 

Afterward, determine how many lumens you need or how bright the LEDs should be.

For onboard use, go with an LED strip with a color suitable for accent lighting.

Conversely, go with 12V or 24V ultrabright LED strips for areas that require bright light, like under the boat or generally areas below the seawater level. 

Thirdly, consider the length and width of the LED strip lights you need for your boat.

Measure the length and determine whether your strips sufficiently cover the whole area. 

Fourth, choose high-quality LEDs that may last more than 50,000 service hours.

And quality has two aspects.

First, you need a light source with sufficient brightness while consuming less power.

The second one comes in terms of reliability.

You should only buy LED strips with many positive reviews and consider if the manufacturer offers a warranty. 

Benefits of Waterproof LED Strip Lights for Boats

A couple enjoying a boat ride

(A couple enjoying a boat ride)

Sometimes you may face lighting issues in your boat, whereby some crucial areas need more lighting.

And when you opt for incandescent bulbs, you face a more significant issue as they drain the battery quicker. 

FYI, incandescent lamps convert less than 10 percent of incoming power to light, meaning 90 percent is lost to heat.

On the other hand, LED strip lights convert close to 90 percent of power to light.

Therefore, they are the best for applications such as lighting a boat. Other benefits include:


Unlike most lighting sources, LED strips have high water resistance ratings, with some even having IP68 waterproof capabilities.

Therefore, you can keep submerging them under water for long durations without tampering with their electrical properties.

Moreover, being waterproof is vital if you travel by boat at night and need to see the surrounding waters. 

Low Power Consumption

LEDs are capable of converting most power that they draw into light energy.

In most cases, boats use batteries to provide lighting and run the entertainment systems and freezers.

Combining high power consumption with low-energy draw from the LED lights prolongs a battery’s charge. 

Versatile LEDs

If you would like to transform the mood of your boat, you can add multi-color LEDs that change color from red, blue, and green to white.

With such variation, you can have any theme of color that you want to spice up your boat’s interior and exterior.


A light blue waterproof LED strip

(A light blue waterproof LED strip)

LED strip lights have lifespans of 60,000 plus hours.

In contrast, fluorescent and incandescent lights only last 1,000 to 10,000 hours.

Moreover, the LED strips, by design, are resistant to vibration, shock, and impact, that’s common in the oceans.

Consequently, they are the best light source for vessels that venture deep into the lakes, seas, and oceans. 


LEDs provide bright light that illuminates the path for the boats to avoid collisions with objects on their path.

Consequently, such boats with LED lights are less prone to accidents.

Furthermore, illuminating darker areas of the boat using LED lights reduces your risk of injuring yourself in the dark.   


Are waterproof LED strip lights for boats flexible?

Generally, most waterproof LED strip lights for boats are flexible for a simple reason.

On the boats, we use them for decorative lighting and illuminating poorly lit areas. 

And in most cases, these areas have irregular shapes that would make it hard to illuminate using rigid LED strips.

Moreover, flexible LED strips suit the boats since they absorb more shock without breaking than rigid LED strips.

Are LED strips for boats worth it?

If you have a boat, installing LED strips is an excellent idea.

First, the strips are versatile and come in different colors and styles.

Consequently, you can customize your boat’s appearance according to your liking. 

Second, you can use LED strips to power sections with poor visibility, especially areas you use a torch to see.

For instance, LEDs work well on the deck or under the waterline making movement easier at night. 

Are LED strips for boats expensive?

In most cases, a high-quality RGB LED strip light costs $10 per foot.

Therefore, whether one considers the price expensive depends on the individual.

The benefits of installing waterproof LED lights on your board outweigh the price you’ll pay during purchase. 

They are durable, with some lasting 60,000 hours plus, hence making them a valuable addition to your vessel.  


LEDs are the best light sources for boats, especially if they have an IP68 rating with the highest dust and water resistance.

Moreover, LEDs are durable, consume less power, and are brighter than other sources like fluorescent and incandescent light sources. 

If you plan to light up your boat, you should consider LEDs.

They are easy to install, meaning you can do the installation project without professional assistance.