Understanding Outdoor LED Pole Lights

Outdoor LED pole lights are essentially energy-efficient and highly durable lights we use to illuminate outdoor spaces like parking lots and streets. 

Generally, the lights use light-emitting diode technology to produce light when current flows through. 

What we like about these lights is their uniform light distribution and exceptional brightness that enhances safety and brightness in any space.

 Moreover, these lights are resistant to different harsh operational conditions like shock/vibrations, rain, or snow. 

This article focuses on outdoor LED pole lights highlighting the benefits and installation. Let’s get rolling!

What Are Outdoor LED Pole Lights?

Outdoor LED pole lights are special lights consisting of a lighting head with several LEDs and a post/pole to hold the head. 

These lights make use of the light-emitting diode technology that involves the emission of visible light when current flows through the diodes. 

Thanks to their high energy efficiency, people are shifting from traditional lighting options to LED pole lights. 

Surprisingly, they record an efficiency of about 90%, thus consuming less energy and emitting more light. 

As a result, it will cost you less money to operate LED pole lights than incandescent or fluorescent lights. 

LED pole lights also provide uniform light distribution and excellent brightness to cover a large area.

 Therefore, they offer enhanced safety and visibility, making them ideal for lighting up parking lots or streets. 

Furthermore, these lights present a high durability that extends to over 50,000 hours or more if you employ proper maintenance. 

The high durability is certainly because of the high-quality materials that withstand vibrations, rain, and temperature fluctuations. 

Benefits of LED Pole Lights

Drone flying over pole light

(Drone flying over pole light)

As we’ll discuss below, LED pole lights offer countless benefits over traditional lighting options.

Energy Efficiency

LED pole lights consume very little power compared to traditional lighting options like fluorescent and incandescent.

 This light converts almost 90% of the incoming power into useful light, compared to incandescent lights, which only convert less than 20%. 

This high energy efficiency is responsible for reduced energy costs and low carbon emissions. 


You will get uniform light distribution and high brightness with outdoor LED pole lights. 

Therefore, they offer high illumination and exemplary visibility to guarantee outdoor safety. 

Moreover, the lights are designed with optics and beam angles to minimize dark spots and enhance optimal coverage. 


Everyone using LED pole lights comes to appreciate their increased durability, which could go as high as 50,000 hours. 

Therefore, you can use these lights for a long time without needing maintenance or replacements. 

Funny enough, reduced maintenance reduces the LED light operation costs. 

Instant Lighting

When you turn on the LED pole or any other LED light, they will illuminate without experiencing any warm-up. 

The features come in handy when immediate safety and visibility are necessary. 

Tips for Getting The Best Out of Your LED Pole Lights

Modern LED pole lights

(Modern LED pole lights)

You should do the following to increase LED pole light durability and performance.

Proper Installation

Check your manufacturer-given installation instructions and fully abide by them.

 For example, you should implement proper electrical connections and mount the lights on strong poles/posts.

 Improper installation has, over time, proven to cause poor performance and reduced lifespan.

Optimal Placement

Positioning your LED pole lights strategically is necessary to illuminate a large area and achieve your desired effect. 

Some critical things to consider here include light distribution, beam angle, and the intended illumination area. 

Generally, optimal placement eliminates dark spots and maximizes light brightness. 

Regular Cleaning

If you allow dirt or dust to accumulate on your LED pole light, performance will reduce. 

You must regularly clean your LED pole light using a detergent and sponge. However, ensure the lights are switched off during cleaning for safety. 

Regular Maintenance

LED street lights on a pole

(LED street lights on a pole)

You should regularly inspect LED pole lights to identify loose connections or damage. 

Moreover, ensure the lights have proper weatherproofing and sealing to protect against environmental factors. 

Employ Lighting Controls

Modern LED lights have controls like motion sensors and timers to help you optimize usage. 

For example, you can employ the control to change light brightness or intensity to meet your requirements. 

As a result, you will achieve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. 

Focus On The Color Temperature

We have warm and cool white lights, which determine the ambiance and lighting your space generates. 

For example, warm white light with a color temperature of 2700K-3000K is responsible for an inviting and cozy atmosphere.

 On the other hand, the cool white light has a temperature of 5000k-6500k and is responsible for a vibrant and brighter atmosphere.

Installing An Outdoor LED Pole Light

Before you start your LED pole light installation, you need to do a thorough planning exercise. But when it comes to the execution, follow the below steps: 

  1. Determine the location: First, consider and choose the location you intend to illuminate by considering power availability, desired coverage, and lighting purpose. 
  2. Get the required permits: Some local authorities don’t allow the installation of LED pole lights without the required permit. Therefore, abide by the local regulations for compliance to avoid problems with the authorities. 
  3. Select a good pole light: Consider your desired brightness and color temperature to buy the right LED pole light. Also, consider a product with a high ingress protection rating for weather resistance. 
  4. Prepare the mounting area: The area you intend to install your LED pole lights should be clean, secure, and sturdy for a safe installation. 
  5. Wiring and mounting the fixture: Any LED light should be connected to a reliable power supply with the required voltage. After satisfying that the power supply is fine, you can mount the light per the manufacturer’s instructions. This process would be better if done by an electrician, but it would save you money doing it yourself. 
  6. Test the lights: After installing the light, check whether the light is functioning to expectation. You can base the test and evaluation on the light, light distribution uniformity, and brightness. 


How many lumens will you need for outdoor LED pole lights?

Consider factors like your desired lighting level and application to evaluate the lumens you need for your outdoor LED pole lights

But generally, experts recommend about 5000-10,000 lumens per pole. And to be very sure, consult a professional electrician to evaluate and determine the specific lumen requirement. 

How bright should a pole light be? 

There is no set (right or wrong) brightness for the LED pole light. 

Everything is fine as long as the brightness is enough to meet the desired safety and visibility.

 However, experts usually recommend 5,000-10,000 lumens per pole for street lighting

Generally, lighting regulations, intended application, and illumination area influence the LED pole light brightness. 

Final Remarks

LED pole lights combine several LEDs and mount them on a pole or post.

They are a special class of LED lights we mostly use outdoors and stand out for their high energy efficiency and increased durability. 

Moreover, these lights are better than traditional options for their instant lighting capabilities, which involve instant on/off without warm-up time.