Ideas for LED Strip Lights: 12 Unique LED Strip Light Ideas For Your Home

Looking for ideas for LED strip lights? Without a doubt, you’re on the right track, as LED lights are a great choice of beautiful, modern lighting. 

They’re flexible, offering many ways to place them in any part of your home. 

Also, they’re energy-efficient and don’t cost a fortune. Read on to learn how to transform your home with LED strip lights. 

12 Unique LED Strip Light Ideas for Your Home

The following are eleven unique ideas of how you can spruce up or transform your home with LED strip lights: 

1. Brighten Dark Areas

If you look around your home, you’ll find there are several dark corners that could use some lighting. 

A good example is under the kitchen cabinets or the stairs. 

What’s great is that LED strip lights come in several colors, so you can use whichever color appeals most to you. 

You can install multicolored strips or even color-changing ones. 

Moreover, you can cut LED strip lights to smaller sizes to fit them in those hard-to-reach corners. 

2. Make a Room Inviting

You can use LED strip lights in several ways to make a room inviting. Here are a few:

  • Headboard lighting: Now, placing strip lights on your headboard can produce calming lighting for relaxation. And the best way to go about it is to Install the lights on the backside margin of your headboard. 
  • Mirrors: Installing strip lights along the mirrors creates a soft glow and a consistent lighting level. Also, it prevents shadows from forming, providing the best image. Additionally, you can enhance your vanity lighting using an LED remote control to adjust colors, brightness, and glow for selfies in front of your mirror. 
  • Under the bed or other furniture: LED lights under the furniture adds a unique glow and ambiance to sofas and armchairs.   

3. Transform a Room

Besides making a room more inviting, there’s so much more you can do with LED strip lights. 

For example, in the bedroom, you can use calming colors like blue and pink under your bed. Or you can use red lights, which are great for helping you sleep. 

Calming blue light in bedroom

(Caption: Calming blue light in the bedroom)

Alternatively, you can install multicolored strips or those with presets that enable you to change colors.

 That way, you can transform your room from a relaxed, calming color to a more vibrant color whenever you want. 

In the kitchen, you can install LED strip lights under the cabinets. Interestingly, you can have them customized to mimic a preferred scenery, such as a rainbow. 

You could even have different sceneries so that you can switch between them as you please according to your mood. 

LED lighting under kitchen cabinets

(Caption: LED lighting under kitchen cabinets)

4. Accent Stairs

Staris with LED strip lights

(Caption: Staris with LED strip lights)

To accent stairs, you can install LED strip flights along the staircase, either under the stair panels or along the walls.

 For example, you can give the stairs a cheerful look by installing yellow, blue, purple, or pink lights. 

Alternatively, you can install the lights under the tread

Note, though, that you must ensure that the strip lights are only a few inches from your staircase in the event that you install them along the wall. 

That way, it ensures that the staircase is well-lit at night, allowing you to see your way.  

5. Spruce Up Your Home Office

Another great LED lighting idea is to use it to spruce up your home office. 

For example, you can install strip lights beneath or inside desk drawers for a mood-setting glow. 

Or you can install the lights behind your bookshelf or on the shelves. It’s an excellent way of showcasing your books and collectibles. 

Also, you can install motion-activated LED strip lights to add style to your shelves. You can add some strip lights to your work calendar. 

6 Showcase Items

Interestingly, you can use LED strip lights to showcase items or make them pop. 

  • Artwork: To showcase artwork, install strip lights around the frames of your artwork to bring your designs to life. 
  • Collectibles: So rather than keep your collectibles stashed in your garage, just think of somewhere you can place them. Then highlight the area to give the pieces the recognition they deserve. Alternatively, you can place them on a shelf and put some lights around or below the shelf. Or you can point track lights down front the ceiling to the shelf. 
  • Pictures: With the pictures, you can install the strip lights along the inner lining of their frames. Alternatively, place the lights behind the frame all around it. You can choose color strips that will bring out the unique outlook of your pictures. 

7. Light Up Dark Spaces

Another idea for LED strip lights is to use them to light up inside dark areas to help you access items. A good example is inside drawers. 

That way, you don’t need to grope around searching for things.

 For example, LED lights in your closet or bathroom drawers save you time looking for morning essentials inside them. 

Another example is in kitchen pantries and inside cupboards. If your cupboard has glass panels, LED strip lights do more than light up. 

They provide a backlit effect, enhancing the look of your kitchen.   

8. Floodlight Wine Cellar

Undoubtedly, LED lights on the upper section of your wine cellar make your wines look fabulous.

 See, what’s great about LED strip lights here is you don’t have to worry about their having a harsh impact on wines, such as degrading them.

 Thus, your wine is safe to use even years later.  

9. On Screens

By placing LED strips behind your computer or TV screen, you create a very attractive setup.

 But more importantly, it helps reduce eye strain and headaches by offsetting the brightness coming off the screen. 

10. Illuminate Outside

Here’s how you can illuminate the outside of your home using LED strip lights: 

  • One, along the edges of your pathways. To do so, place the lights along the path edge tiles or on the path to your swimming pool. 
  • Two, on the top edges of the porch.
  • Also, along the edges of patio furniture to bring out a stylish look. 
  • Further, consider wrapping waterproof LED Strips around some of the trees in your backyard. 

11. Cinematic Effect

Undoubtedly, it’s great if there’s mood lighting when you’re watching a movie. That’s the whole concept behind a cinema. 

Thankfully, with LED strip lights, it’s possible to experience such effects. 

Simply install LED strip lights behind the TV screen and beneath the seats for a one-of-a-kind movie experience in the comfort of your home.  

12. Crete Night sky

If you want a night-like sky experience, LED strip lights are the way to go. Simply have the lights uniformly placed in rows across your ceiling. 

Also, you can install the lights in the corners of your room facing the ceiling. Similarly, you can use LED strip lights to create a cloud ceiling. 

For an even greater experience, consider adding a Galaxy projector. That way, you enhance the night-like sky experience, making it appear more real. 


How Do You Make LED Strip Lights Look Good?

The best way to do it is to palace the lights in distinctive areas.

 And undoubtedly, you’re spoiled for choice because there are so many places and ways to place the lights.

 For example, you can place them behind, around, or under furniture. Also, along mirrors, behind screens, or on shelves. The list is endless. 

How Do You Decorate With LED Lights?

Again, there are several ways to decorate with LED lights. For instance, you can use the lights to display collectibles, artwork, or pictures. Also, you can use it behind the TV. 


That’s it on ideas for LED strip lights. As we’ve seen, there are so many ways you can put these lights to use to transform a space.

 And besides brightening a room and making it cool, there are many purposes for using LED lighting. 

For example, you may want to light up dark corners, display your artwork so that it pops, or accent something. 

One thing’s for sure; you can’t go wrong with any of the ideas mentioned above.