Bedroom LED Strip Lights Ideas: All You Need to Know

Are you considering upgrading your bedroom lighting and looking for bedroom LED strip lights ideas? 

Certainly, you’re on the right track because LED strip lights are the ultimate way to create a relaxing, warm, and cozy space. 

The lights are soft with a unique and creative flair so you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

 Also, these lights allow for personal style and decor. 

Read on to learn the factors that influence how you place your LED strip lights and amazing placement ideas.

Factors That Influence How You Place LED Lights


Generally, decor, style, and hue determine the choice of LED strip lights.

 And since the bedroom is your main resting place, you must choose the best and most compatible lighting to enhance your sleeping atmosphere. 

To this end, consider selecting low-illumination or low-color temperature lights instead of bright dazzling ones. 

Remote Control

Choosing LED lights with remote control can save you a lot of trouble. 

With smart LED strip lights, you can turn them on and off or change the colors and brightness.

 And you can do this without leaving your bed. You can use an app or voice control.

LED strip lights remote control

(Caption: LED strip lights remote control)


It goes without saying that brightness is an essential factor when choosing strip LED lights. 

And when it comes to the bedroom, less is better.

 See, bedrooms require less brightness than other parts of the house. 

Therefore, you can install LED strip lights that use a dimmer to adjust their brightness levels depending on your needs.  


Generally, the lack of harmful substances like mercury and lead, plus the fact that they don’t emit UV or infrared (IR) rays, makes LED strip lights safe for the bedroom. 

Still, it would be best if you exercise caution when installing them. 

For example, ensure there are no trailing cords or dangling connectors.

 And if your lights are mains-wired, rather than do a DIY, have a professional install them.

8 Bedroom LED Strip Lights Ideas

1. Behind the TV

In this design, the light radiates from LED strip lights behind the TV.

 And you can regulate the amount of light to suit your preference for a classic experience. 

2. On the Floor

Under the bed lighting

Now you can position the lighting strip along the bottom of the bed frame or under the bed foundation for a cozy glow. 

Baseboard lighting

In this type of floor lighting, you’ll place the strips on or close to the baseboard.

 When you do so, the lights project a soft, warm radiance on your floor. l 

3. On the Ceiling

Indirect lighting

Here, you can place the LED lights along the margins of the ceiling to enjoy indirect lighting. 

Also, you can place the strip lights on the walls for a gentle radiance. 

Cove lighting

This type of lighting produces a soft, indirect radiance, bringing a hidden lighting effect to your bedroom.

Nightsky lighting

With this lighting, you will enjoy a true night sky dreamlike effect in your bedroom. 

You can position the LED lights strategically on your ceiling to experience the sparkling effect.

4. On Background Wall (Headboard)

Behind the headboard

In this style, you’ll install the lighting along the top backside of the headboard. 

That way, it creates a gently diffused light. 

And to control the light intensity behind your bed, you’ll use a dimmer. 

On a Shelf Above the Headboard

Alternatively, you can have built-in racks above the headboard that run along the length of the headboard to house your LED strip lights. 

Doing so provides a soft, warm, and cozy atmosphere. 

Integrated lighting headboard

Another background wall lighting idea is to install strip lights along the top border of the headboard.

 That way, they produce a soft, dispersed glow. Also, you can have the lights in striking, bright colors to draw attention to your headboard.  

LED strip lights on the headboard

(Caption: LED strip lights on the headboard)

5. In the Closet

LED strip lights in closet

(Caption: LED strip lights in closet)

Under shelf lighting

Under-shelf lighting helps you locate what you need in an otherwise dimly lit wardrobe. 

However, consider the color tone of your lighting when choosing your under-shelf illumination. 

For instance, you may consider having white LED strips for a brighter contemporary appearance or warm white LED strips. 

Overhead lighting

Alternatively, you can install the LED strips on the roof of your closet. 

One way to do that is to place them on the top for an overhead lighting effect.

 Or you can place them in a way that draws attention to specific wardrobe components, such as a showcase stand. 

Consider using dimmable LED strip lighting to change the brightness based on your preferences. 

6. On the Furniture

Mirror lighting on Dresser

One way to mount LED strip lights in your bedroom furniture is to frame your mirror with LED strips.

 You’ll mount them directly on the glass or around the frame to do that. Alternatively, you can place the strip lights behind the mirrors. 

You can use a diffuser to spread light to achieve a more radiant outlook. 

LED lights installed on the mirror

(Caption: LED lights installed on the mirror)

Under furniture lighting

You can install LED strip lights beneath your furniture or makeup table. 

This type of lighting gives your bedroom a gentle and subtle radiance. 

Drawer lighting

In this furniture lighting idea, you’ll install the lights in the interior section of the drawer. 

That way, it makes it easy to locate anything within the drawer. 

Alternatively, mount the lighting beneath the border of your chest for a gentler radiance. 

Backlighting Desk Elements

Here, the goal is to highlight elements of your work area using colorful strip lights. 

Thus, you can install the lights in several options, such as behind the computer screen or on the soundbox.

 Generally, RGB lights are your best option, especially if what you have is a gaming station.  

Over desk lighting

You can install LED strip lights behind your working station or over shelves.

 That way, the lights give you enough soft ambient lighting. 

Also, you can install dimmer switches to regulate the amount of light.  

7. On the Windows

Window frame lighting

Window frames can provide illumination in different arrays.

 For example, you can install the strip lights in a way that allows you to enjoy a backlit effect. 

Mind you, there are solar-powered LED lights that you can choose for your window frames.  

Window accent lighting

A LED strip beneath your window ledge creates a unique, inviting environment. 

The light tends to bounce off the windows, casting a soft radiance in all directions. 

8. Rustic lighting

Interestingly, a rustic beam around your ceiling produces a cozy and welcoming radiance in your bedroom.

 And you could use so many rustic fixtures made of exposed wood, sintered glass, iron sades, or even rope. 

For example, you might consider using mason barrels or reclaimed or vintage pieces. 

All these fixtures will give your bedroom a distinctive rustic look. 

Alternatively, you can mount rustic shelves with LED strip lights to enhance the natural beauty of the timer in the room. 


What LED Light Is Best for Bedroom?

One form of LED light that’s suitable for the bedroom is soft white LED bulbs.

 These make a space appear and feel cozy because soft white is a warm and comfortable light. 

Also, LED strip lights are another suitable LED light for the bedroom. 

See, there are so many ways you can install these lights for different effects, such as the ceiling, the floor, the furniture, or even the windows.  

How Do You Hide LED Strips in a Bedroom?

This is one LED strip lighting idea you can implement in several ways.

 For example, you can hide the lights under the bed, on the baseboards, under closet shelves, under furniture, and behind the headboard.

Where Should You Place LED Strips in a Room?

What’s great about LED strip lights is that there are so many places you can install them.

 For example, you can place them on windows, furniture, ceiling, mirrors, and floors.

 Even better is the different ways you can place them for varying effects. 

For example, you can hide them for a hidden effect or install them on objects to highlight elements of your furniture. 


That’s it on bedroom LED strip lights ideas. Now you know the factors that influence how you will place your LED lights. 

Also, you have some interesting insights on the different places and ways you can place LED strip lights to transform your bedroom into a cozy, stylish, and radiant space.