Understanding 110V LED Strip Lights

110V LED strip lights are highly versatile light solutions that you can use in standard 110V home electrical systems.

 Additionally, the lights use light-emitting diodes, making them long-lasting and energy efficient. 

You also have an option of extending these LED lights into different shapes and sizes and, in the process, find them easy to install. 

Most importantly, the lights have customization options allowing you to set brightness and color per lighting needs and preferences. 

Today’s article reviews 110V LED strip lights, their benefits, and how you can choose the best strip light. 

What Are 110V LED Strip Lights?

LED lamps with lights effects

(LED lamps with lights effects)

These are flexible strip light solutions designed for use with standard 110V electrical systems. You’ll identify them by their flexible board and several small LEDs on the surface. 

The LEDs are available in different shapes and lengths and usually emit light when an electrical current pass through.

 One advantage of 110V LED strip lights is the high energy efficiency since they consume less power and emit more energy than traditional options. 

Furthermore, the lights come with customization options that offer different brightness and color option according to your requirements or preference. 

You can use these lights for decorative purposes, accent lighting, and task lighting in commercial and residential spaces. 

Finally, their high flexibility means you can install them in multiple spaces, including around furniture, along your staircase, and under the cabinets. 

Benefits of 110V LED Strip Lights

Here are the benefits of 110V LED strip lights:

Energy Efficiency

statistics showing how effective LED lights are

(statistics showing how effective LED lights are)

We know LED technology for its high energy efficiency converting almost 90% of its input energy into useful light.

 In comparison, incandescent lights will only convert 10% of their input energy into light. 

The rest is lost in the form of heat, thus translating more energy intake to meet the same lighting needs as LEDs. 

Therefore, you’ll end up paying a lot in energy bills, which is hardly heard of with LEDs. 

Long Lifespan

LED lights could last over 50,000 hours of constant use, translating into over ten years of quality service. 

On the contrary, traditional lighting options like incandescent or fluorescent won’t exceed 10,000 hours even with proper maintenance. 

Therefore, you’ll experience less repair and replacement with LEDs leading to low long-term costs.


110V LED strip lights are available in multiple brightness, colors, and size, allowing customization to fit different lighting requirements and preferences.

 As such, you can use them for different lighting purposes like accent or decorative lighting. 

Ease of Installation and Flexibility

A man installing LED strip lights

(A man installing LED strip lights)

The lights are designed on flexible circuit boards, making them easy to install even on irregular or curved surfaces. 

Moreover, they come with adhesive backing to provide a secure attachment to the installation surface. 

Furthermore, you can cut them at designated points to acquire a perfect fit for any surface. 


110V LED lights are dimmable, meaning you can adjust them to provide the brightness that meets your requirements.

 As such, you’ll reduce energy consumption or set the preferred mood and ambiance in your room. 


Strip lights operating at 110V are safer than those consuming 1000V of power, making them easy to install and run. 

These LEDs also emit less heat, presenting less risk of causing a fire. 

Lastly, they’re environmentally friendly, especially since they don’t produce any hazardous elements like mercury. 


LED strip lights are designed to withstand temperature fluctuations, shock, vibrations, and environmental conditions. 

This indicates high performance in challenging situations, which increases durability. 

How To Select The Best 110V LED Strip Lights

Shining LED strip lights

(Shining LED strip lights)

Choosing the best 110V strip lights ensure that you access your preferred light brightness and set the mood and ambiance of your room. 

Therefore, here are critical factors to keep in mind. 

Color and Brightness

Depending on your desired ambiance and use, you can determine your preferred brightness level and color temperature.

 Here, you have the option to select RGB color-changing, cool white, and warm white lights.

 Therefore, consider the lumens per meter or foot for the best strip light brightness. 

Flexibility and Length

Start by measuring the length of the area you intend to install the lights and choose an LED option that provides a customizable length.

 As such, you can extend or cut the strip to fit the specific requirements. 

If you are making installations on an irregular surface, the strip light should be flexible enough to bend and fit appropriately. 

Lifespan and Quality

The quality of an LED strip should be a top priority, and such is only possible if you buy from a reputable brand with good customer reviews. 

Also, the LED should have a long lifespan (longer operation hours) to eliminate cases of regular replacements. 

Energy Efficiency

Even with the LED family, some products are more efficient than others. Therefore, look for high-energy efficient products with high-efficiency ratings.

 As such, your LED will consume less power, and you will pay more monthly power bills. 

Dimmability and Control Options

Choosing an LED with dimmability features helps you control the brightness and color options. As such, choose LEDs with specific controllers and standard dimmer switches. 

Customer Support and Warranty

You need to review the LED manufacturers’ warranty and customer support services to get guaranteed protection against failure and defects. 

Customer support should be readily available to provide answers in case you need assistance. 


Consider LEDs that are easy to install on any surface type. Such strips should come with adhesive backing to facilitate easier mounting. 

Moreover, they should have other accessories like power adapters, extension cables, and connectors. 

How Many 110V LED Strip Lights Should You Have In Your Home? 

A man installing LEDs indoors

(A man installing LEDs indoors)

We all know your home will be brighter with more LED lights.

 But again, there is no point in using the same number of LED strip lights in a tiny kitchen as in a spacious living room. 

This means that how many 110V LED strip lights you use depends on multiple factors, like the available space and the lighting requirements. 

If you intend to have higher brightness in your home, the strip should have many LEDs per unit length. 


Are 110V LED strip lights bright enough?

Yes, 110V LED strip lights are bright enough to fit different lighting needs. We measure the brightness in lumens per meter or foot with a higher rating indicating a higher output. 

Lately, we have seen an advancement in LED technology, and almost all the available products can support a high brightness for most applications.

But note that factors like the color temperature, LED density, and strip length can also affect the LED brightness. 

Do 110V LED strip lights consume too much power?

No, we know 110V LED strip lights for their lower power consumption and higher energy efficiency.

 Almost all LED lights have a lower power consumption and lower wastage compared to traditional options like incandescent and fluorescent lights. 

Besides higher energy efficiency, 110V lights also have dimming capabilities that let you determine the level of brightness they offer.

 Simply, you can determine or limit your LED’s power consumption. 

Another benefit of the lights is they don’t emit hazardous substances like mercury, which might negatively impact the environment. 

How long should you expect your 110V LED strip light to last?

We can’t place an exact duration on the lifespan of any LED strip light as it varies depending on factors like environmental conditions, usage patterns, or product quality. 

But on average, you should expect thousands of operation hours with quality products having over 50,000 hours. 

To get the expected durability of your LED light, check the manufacturer’s manual and specifications.

 Also, you’d consider proper LED maintenance to increase the lifespan and reduce replacement costs. 


Unlike traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights, LED lights provide higher energy efficiency and improved versatility. 

And one LED light that stands out is the 110V LED light which consumes significantly lower power and emits a very bright illumination. 

You can buy the 110V LED assured of high safety standards, long lifespan, dimmability features, and ease of installation. 

But even as you purchase this LED light, regulate it to the right brightness and intensity to avoid much energy bills. 

Therefore, follow our guide above to pick the best LED for your lighting applications for the best results.